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Premier Exposure Combine

¬†Getting on the path to being recruited was tough enough…Now the pandemic has changed the entire landscape of college sports! Subsequently, the importance of high school/college coaches properly evaluating a prospect’s traits for both scheme and program fit has become vital for coaches and their support staff.
Not only is the vital for coaches, but crucial in the strategic development of athletes on their journey to playing at the next level. The Premier Exposure Combine provides a road map for athletes on their recruitment journey!
Receive 60 minutes of intense elite skills and athletic performance training, an individual in-depth analysis of your game with target areas of development for the next level, as well as recommendations on how to enhance those target areas. We will also have 5 on 5 Full Court game play so players can display what they’ve learned and put their talents on display!!! Players will also receive a Spotlight on 1st Love Basketball Media Website and Social Media Outlets, which will be viewed by High School and College Coaches!
Highlight Mixtapes from the event will be available for purchase upon request!!!
Don’t continue to delay your recruitment or your development! Our goal is for players to leave the combine better than they came in, as well as provide them recruitment tools to play at the next level. Register for the Premier Exposure Combine today!

Combine Showcase: $50

Combine Showcase w/ Highlight Mixtape: $100

We BUILD Hoops Factory
Event Located in Hamilton, NJ

For More Information, Including Dates, Times, and Registration, click the link below.

Sunday, June 27th (Middle School Boys)

Sunday, June 27th (High School Boys & High School Girls)

(Time to be Determined, Event will be between 2p-8p in Hamilton, NJ)

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your game to the next level!!!