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Training Sessions


Improve Your Game

Factory Tough Training Sessions

Starting at $149.00 Per Month

 Our Factory Tough Training Program is a Monthly Training Program powered by We BUILD Hoops Factory’s basketball curriculum.  This training program is specifically designed for athletes to increase their basketball skills, knowledge of in-game concepts, and develop their bodies to compete at a high level.  Our program is geared towards preparing athletes for high level varsity/collegiate competition. This offseason program includes strength training, speed and agility training, and skill development.  Each class is broken down into a specific theme to enhance players understanding and allow players to design a schedule that fits their specific basketball needs within the group setting. The Factory Tough program will feature the following classes:

1. PG Skills Factory

2. Scoring and Footwork Factory

3. Finishing Factory

4. Defense Factory

5. Grit & Grind Factory

Personal Training Sessions

$70 Per Session or Five-Session Package for $300

Personal training is a perfect way to enhance individual skills in an individualized setting. Each workout is customized to attack the specific needs and target areas of development identified by the trainer and athlete. Form mechanics, footwork, ball handling, speed, agility, quickness, and basketball IQ are the cornerstones of training.

Sessions allow us to focus our expertise on tailoring each workout to the specific needs of the athlete. Athletes will be put through rigorous workouts in order to replicate game-like scenarios and speed within the session.

Complete Player Program (Grades 3rd thru 7th)

$149.99 Per Month

Group training focuses on basketball skills such as ball handling, shooting(off-the-dribble and spot-up), offensive and defensive footwork, passing, rebounding, and changing speeds and levels. Players will complete drills and challenges that will build their confidence and skill level to achieve success on the court.

We BUILD Training offers group training sessions where players can work with friends, teammates and siblings. We also help our athletes foster new positive relationships through team building exercises, which include lessons on competition, nutrition, and team work. Players will have access to up to 8 training sessions per month.

*Memberships are Month to Month(Players may cancel at anytime)

Team Training Sessions

$150 Per Session

This intense workout offers a cutting edge training atmosphere for the team to maximize the skill development, skill consistency, knowledge, and understanding of each student-athlete. Workouts will stress endurance, agility, strength training, team building, and skill development through dynamic skill drills and competitive team play in an enthusiastic, fast paced environment.

Our goal is getting each student-athlete in tremendous game shape for any full court action, while also developing their ability to work together as one unit, with one common goal!

Personal Training Sessions

$100 per session

College/Pro workouts are designed to enhance the individual skill sets and physical conditioning of college/pro athletes during the offseason. Each workout is customized to attack the specific needs and target areas of development. Form mechanics, perimeter and post footwork, ball handling, speed, agility, and complexed finishes are the cornerstones of training.