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Recovery Pump Therapy


All RecoveryPump® products are manufactured by the global leader of medical pneumatic compression therapy systems which boasts 40+ years of clinical experience and services over 20,000 patients and athletes annually across 36 countries. With this expertise behind our true gradient, sequential pneumatic compression devices, RecoveryPump® has defined and continues to set the standard for aggressive muscle recovery.

We are proud to support the success of the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS championship teams as well as leading collegiate programs, triathlete champions and elite athletes from every sport imaginable.

Coaches, Athletic Trainers and Athletes from every level and discipline of sport have made RecoveryPump their preferred recovery choice.

Cost: $20 for 20 min or $100 a month for up to 10 sessions

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Recoverypump App

We are excited to announce the RecoveryPump App! The RPX 2020, our first bluetooth enabled pump, allows you to kick back, relax and enjoy your recovery session with complete control from the palm of your hand!